Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Last week, 
I told you about my
love affair fixation with Pinterest. 
 I mentioned 
that it was a place where
 dreams and ideas could take shape, 
and I've come to believe
 that there is a fine line 
of distinction
 between the two.

I was recently inspired 
by the folks at Arhaus 
to tell my story of how 
I decorate and get ready for fall.

You can check out 
some of their furniture here
for your own dreams and inspirations. 

 I was impressed
with the quality and beauty of their line, 
so thought I would share 
a couple of pictures 
that caught my eye...

Aren't these pieces elegant?...

...wouldn't these two
 beautifully appointed rooms 
be eye-catchers 
decorated for 
the holidays?

Something about
little chair 
really speaks to me 
in the classic black and white check.
Those beautifully turned legs 
with the small casters. 
Warm and cheerful 
yet so elegant.

The above pin 
was one taken from Arhaus'
 Fab Florals board 
and I thought I'd have 
a little fun 
and try to recapture it
 in my own 
fall sitting room setting.

It is always fun to dream 
and Pinterest
 gives us all a chance to do that.

  In my own humble little Cottage,
 where dreaming is second nature,
 let me tell you 
how my personal fairy tale 
will play out
 this fall.

Fall and comfort
 seem to start with
 the sofa in our sitting room.

  Last season, 
I made a couple of pillows 
to bring in the colors
 and I added a new one this year
 from Home Goods.

I stenciled 
some autumn leaves 
on the back of a Halloween pillow 
so that it could extend its use 
and added a heavy throw,
 also from Home Goods,
 to make a comfortable space 
where we could enjoy
 a cup of hot cider.

While it's not quite 
fireplace weather yet,
this will be just the place
 to be 
when it is.

I already 
showed my shelf over the sofa 
but since then,
 I added a couple of small wreaths 
on the shutters
 and a few more autumn accents
 to bring 
the warmer color
 into focus.

Our "undecided" cedar chest 
carries a basket full of
harvest bounty and...

...the game table
 displays its usual colorful arrangement
 with the addition of 
some pretty pumpkins 
and a 
rustic runner.

I want to thank everyone
 for their input on the cedar chest.
  I am taking everyone's opinions
 under advisement 
and will let you know shortly 
what we decide.

you never stop


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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I have a problem,
 a big problem. 
 Just ask the Captain 
and he'll tell you what it is! 
 It's Pinterest.

 Of course, 
I don't see it as a problem,
 I see it as a source of ideas,
 a place where wishes and dreams 
can be possible. 

 He sees it 
through the eyes of The Honey-Do
and that means
 more work
 for him.

However you see it, 
 is a great learning tool 
where a wealth of ideas are shared 
and where you might
even be persuaded 
to change your whole outlook
 on the world
 of decorating.

I come from a generation 
where things were pretty simple.
  You acquired 
a piece of furniture 
and used it for what it was intended.

 If it was a desk,
 it was put in your den or living room,
 it wasn't repurposed 
into a kitchen island.

 If it was painted,
you stripped it down 
to the original wood,
 and if it had the original finish 
you would never think 
about touching it with
 a paint brush.

The words 
"chippy and distressed" 
someone with loose morals,
 and who was not 
about it!

Times have been changing 
for awhile now and 
Pinterest reflects that,
 and if you are like me 
you know that you can
 teach an old dog 
new tricks!

When we first moved 
into the Cottage, 
I painted the pine flooring 
in the entry. 

 I had always dreamed 
of a checkerboard painted floor
 and this seemed 
the perfect place to do it.

 We lived with it 
for a few years, 
until it became worn and scarred,
 then we covered it with carpet.

  After a while of that, 
we thought maybe the scarring 
wasn't as bad as we remembered
 and took up the carpet.

 I guess the old,
 what was considered 
"perfection mindset",
 hadn't entirely given up yet, 
so we decided it was 
as bad as we remembered it 
and covered it 
again with this...

 I first revealed this, 
a few well intentioned friends 
said they would have left 
the scarred floor...
and now 
I can't say enough
 how I wish 
I had listened.

I have had a few of these faux pas 
and it does seem
 that the Captain might have 
a basis for his complaints 
concerning me and Pinterest.

 I will be the first to admit 
that I tire of certain things
 rather easily. 

 That is what brings us 
to this 
case in point:

You will remember
 this cedar chest 
that we bought a while ago. 
 How you see it above
 is how the seller painted it. 
 Because we had brought 
new light carpeting 
and lighter colored walls 
into the room where the chest was to be,
 I didn't think 
it would show off in the space 
to its best advantage...

...so I decided 
to paint it a 
few different colors! 

 Soon after,
 I knew that wasn't the look
 I should have been going for
 and when we purchased two new chairs,
 and I added some red and blue pillows 
to the mix,
 I thought I would like
 the chest
painted red.

Without going 
into too much detail, 
that idea soon turned into
 a huge disaster.

 I gave it two coats of red paint
 and it still wasn't covering the black.

  The third morning,
as I was preparing to give it a third coat,
 the chest was oozing 
right before my eyes. 
 The two coats of red and the black
 were hanging in strips,
as if someone had 
deliberately peeled them off.
  Then there were parts 
that were stuck on so tightly 
that a putty knife 
would hardly budge them.

 my forever Honey-Do,
 kept at it 
and finally scraped all 
the old paint off.

 When we looked at it 
we both had an 
"aha" moment.

between the red 
that stayed caught in the cracks 
and the distressing 
that happened 
when the putty knife 
had to be forcefully used, 
we fell in love.

the big question was 
would it look good back in the room? 
The room where I was 
so sure 
that it wouldn't look good 
in the first place?

What do you think?

Now that it is all stripped down, 
I know that I can paint it red 
and it will work, 
but do I want to? 

 I haven't put
 any finish over it yet,
 in case I decide 
to paint again.

I remember that hall way
 with the loose morals 
so am taking the time
 to think this one through.

 Each time I look at it 
I get a stronger feeling 
for what I want, 
but I would love your feedback, 
but don't think 
for a minute 
that I will take 
your advice!
 Or not!


Just wanted 
to share with you 
something I've been fooling around with.

 I love the photography part
of blogging 
and playing with the editing.

  As you know,
 I don't have a fancy camera at all 
and most of the time 
I am flying by 
the seat of my pants,
 but I have taken a few photos
 that have come out to my satisfaction,
 so I am planning on framing them 
to use in my decor.
  This is the first one 
I have finished 
and just wanted 
to share 
with you.

Have a wonderful week...


All of the furniture shown in the first part of this post are pieces that we have owned over the years that the Captain has refinished. Some pieces we still have but the majority has been sold.

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